3 May 2014

18. From outer space

I have been sticking with Pure Poison for quite a while now because I just love their creations! And Shaleene Kenin (owner) has always been very generous with her group gifts and specials over time. So she is with her today's May gift announcement! A 199 L$ store credit to choose your individual gift! And even better news: men can also use that store credit at Menswear Fashion Week! The group is still free, don't hesitate to join.

As if this wasn't enough generousity already, the newest release of the Ava Wedges in black is still available for 99 L$ only by using the group vendor during this weekend. Plus a special promo for the fatpack: all colors for 375 L$ only! And if you're not lucky enough to get the black pair in time, no worries: from May 5th until 9th you will still get a 20% discount.

Also: more "SL frees & offers" group gifts are available in various stores! The current gift list contains not less than 34 (!) gifts for members. Check it out, and visit the stores of the designers. It's worth it.

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins (in-world) ✼ April (appliers are available for 150 L$) ✼ group gift ✼ group fee 99 L$
Shape: .:Panda Punx:. (in-world) ✼ Evangeline (comes with skin and various appliers; shape has been slightly modded for Mesh standard sizing) ✼ Pink Fusion Hunt ✼ 5 L$
Hair: *Milk* (in-world) ✼ Sushi (Mesh) ✼ Pink Fusion Hunt ✼ 5 L$
Eyes: Dead Apples (in-world) ✼ Sorrow Eyes lilac (Mesh) ✼ group gift ✼ group fee 1 L$
Make Up: :: Miss Canning :: (in-world) ✼ group gift (10 lipsticks, 1 cateye make up) ✼ group fee 0 L$ 
Headpiece: Zuri's Jewelry (in-world) ✼ Diadem Pink Diamond Silver Pearl ✼ "SL frees & offers" group gift ✼ group fee 0 L$ (Just a side note but one I find very worth to mention: WanderSky, you did a great job on customer service! Thank you very much!)
Earrings: Zyn (in-world) ✼ Color Block (comes in 5 versions) ✼ 0 LS
Necklace: Cazimi Designs (marketplace) ✼ Diantha Modern Girly Partial Set (comes with earrings) ✼ 1 L$
Nails: Nail Me! (in-world) ✼ Panda Love (slink avatar enhancement applier) ✼ "SL frees & offers" group gift ✼ group fee 0 L$
Clutch: Gala Fashion Design (in-world) ✼ Purple Rose Clutch (Mesh) ✼ "SL frees & offers" group gift ✼ group fee 0 L$ 
Top & Armwarmers: :jazzitude: (in-world) ✼ Nina Neko (Mesh) (with HUD for 4 different prints/colors) ✼ group gift ✼ group fee 0 L$
Skirt: R.icielli (in-world) ✼ Highwaisted Mini Skirt Bandage Black (Mesh) (comes in black, gold & silver) ✼ The Vliet's Birthday Hunt (the hunt is over but the items are still available in the Mesh section) ✼ 15 L$ 
Heels: Pure Poison (in-world) ✼ Ava Wedges (slink avatar enhancement, mid feet) ✼ regular prize 199 L$, currently 99 L$ only!
Poses: Label Motion (in-world) ✼ Gift Hunt Poses ✼ store gift  0 L$ (all old gift hunts are still available plus a new suscribo gift!)

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