26 May 2014

34. Sales, sales... aaaand: sales!

Since SL is lagging badly for me tonight, and I still want to give you the news in time, I will give a short notice for now. Please bear with me, I will update this blog with my own pictures and the corresponding credits*) as soon as possible!

*) see links!

Sale #1 
Reign & Chary (in-world)
*) featured here

Sale #2
:::Damselfly Hair::: (in-world)

Sale #3
25-for-25 (official homepage)
*) featured here
This is a brand new event! It won't run long for today anymore. If you missed it, stay up to date for the next round in June!

Sale #4
MG Maxi Gossamer (in-world)

50% off selected jewelery! This is a Sunday Sale so it won't last very long from now on. But take your chance if you can because also the "BOGTSO" offer is running. Which means: Buy One / Gift The Same One. Or, in other words: you buy any item (sale or regular item), send the details about the transaction to Maxi Gossamer plus the name of a friend of yours who shall get the copy of the item. That's a deal, isn't it?! Hurry! :-)

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