15 May 2014

28. Interview with: ::Toxxic:: Pandora // opening on May 16th!

When I was looking for some nice slink avatar enhancement nail appliers, I stumbled over the Nails of ::Toxxic:: Pandora which are offered here for free on the marketplace. I usually inform every designer about the article when I have blogged them. So did I with ɮȼαυ ɮƦȼɀσίαɳυ (beaunciea.silvercloud), the owner of ::Toxxic::. Pandora. She let me know that she's about re-opening her store in a few days as she has been creating a new line. 

I took my chance and asked her for a little interview -- here it is! Don't forget to check out the upcoming goodies below!

Rubilyn: When did you start with designing in SL, and for which reason?  

ɮȼαυ: Honestly, I would love to have some epic answer for this, but  I just got really bored watching my then husband dj all of the time.  I was at Burning Man (I think that's what they call it in SL) and was looking at people's clothes like " hmmm that would be cute if"...  I just started tinkering, and it turned out that I had some talent.  BOREDOM is an amazing motivational tool for me!

Rubilyn: Getting inspiration is certainly the most important part of the working progress for every designer. What motivates you for your work?

ɮȼαυ: Everything motivates me, and I can find inspiration in just about anything,  but I am very much my own person. I do try to stay with some of the fashion trends, but as more of my line progresses people will start to see I definitely have my own flavor.   I am all about great texturing, you could have the best looking thing in SL but if the texturing is bad, it throws it all off. Truthfully, I just get lucky, and my tinkering turns out cute.

Rubilyn: What kind of upcoming products may we expect from you in the near future?

ɮȼαυ: I really don't have a set style, though I tend to focus on sexy, not sex.  I draw inspiration from everywhere so I really just design what pops into my head. I am focusing on cosmetics, nails, and clothing for now. I will eventually stroll down the Slink Shoes avenue. (I have all of these amazing ideas for shoes in my head, but am still learning about mesh bones and rigging etc....) I am also thinking about stepping  into mens clothing, because they just don't have enough option IMO.

Beau in her "Penelope Top" and "Emphatic Fades Jeans": take a look on my pictures below to see how you can mix & match those two creations! 

Rubilyn: A lot of SL designers promote their products by participating various events. Some are just for fun, some have a very serious background. Will you take part in any event, and if yes: which ones do you have in mind?

ɮȼαυ: I am an avid supporter of anything Autism, and have recently joined the ranks of BCA supporters because of my sister, Nicki Dakun. (GO TEAM KONA). I will gladly support any legitimate foundation or cause.  As far as events go, it just depends on what I have time to commit to.  I have two beautiful reasons to be in RL, and they are little time suckers! I have talked some with my sister about creating a new event  in the future.

BCA Product for May: Twinkle Purple for slink high feet  250 L$  the whole amount will be carried forward to BCA
Rubilyn: What makes your work special in comparison with other designers?

ɮȼαυ: I really do not have a definitive answer for that, as I try not to compare myself to other designers. SL is vast place, there are many people with formidable talent!  I do have an amazing support system that some other designers may not have. I am blessed!

Rubilyn: You let me know that you are about re-opening your store. Do you intend any specials for that purpose, or specials in general over time?

ɮȼαυ:  I remember how hard it was to be new, I will always have a monthly freebie/dollarbie, and a Group exclusive. I will also be introducing an opening only limited edition dress. ( prim dresses are my forte, that's all I made when I owned my first store)  I may also annoy my brother into piping some music into the sim for a small opening bash! 

Rubilyn: Marketing, promotion, advertising are very important as well. How do you manage that beside creating?

ɮȼαυ: I am always busy, and running around with a million ideas in my head, and rl on my plate, but I have a saving grace! My sister, Ginny Nostram (Oxidor) is amazing! I wouldn't be able to get anything done if it wasn't for her! We both take the time to do things for the store obviously, but she handles finding events, doing tedious things, that while I know how to do them, saves me time to be creative! In truth, it's enough that she puts up with me!  We work well together because we have concrete roles and know where we stand. I own the brand, create the clothes, and pay the bills, she manages the store,  keeps things functioning, does our blogging, and helps with ads! She does more but, I could  type forever about how incredibly wonderful she is, and she would edit this note card and be like "Really Sis?" so I digress......   

My husband Sal, keeps me grounded. I am shamefully honest and blunt. I will be typing a response to someone and while it looks ok to me, and I am not trying to sound a certain way, he will be like "baby, you may want to say it this way instead."  He is also not afraid to tell me when something is not cute!  He is incredibly supportive and understanding of my long creation times.

Rubilyn: Last but not least: Is there anything else you'd like to let us know?

ɮȼαυ: I am still learning about mesh, I do know how to create things, I just haven't figured out rigging yet.  I have no shame in admitting that I use some mesh templates, that is what they are there for. I do normally make my own textures, and I will put a note in with the product to let you know who made the original mesh. I figure it's best to be honest.  I do create my own prim dresses, and other products.  I tinker with building  things that will not be found in-world but will be listed on marketplace.  I am an approachable designer, don't ever hesitate to ask a question!

Rubilyn: Thanks a lot for your time, ɮȼαυ! I wish you all the best for your opening, and a lot of success with your creations!


Date: May 16th, 2014
Location: ::Toxxic:: Pandora Main Store (in-world)
Group: ::Toxxic:: Pandora (group SURL) (fee: 75 L$)
The goodies: 2 group exclusive gifts. 2 new freebies. Gachas. Random raffle prize ball gifts. 2 exclusive and limited gowns (only 10 copies of each in-world), and maybe also some music during the event!


Skin: ::JOLI:: (in-world)  Marie (with various appliers plus freckles/teeth tattoo)  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Shape: (Byte Sized Shapes) (in-world)  Chillee (slightly modded for Mesh standard sizing)  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Hair: adoness @ FabFree Headquarters (in-world)  Luna champagne/cappuccino  0 L$
Eyes: Avi-Glam (marketplace)  Stargaze black (Mesh)  0 L$
Eyelashes: Maitreya (in-world)  EyeLashes (Mesh)  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Nails: -{ZOZ}- @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room (in-world)  Floral Solids Polish (slink avatar enhancement)  "Cosmopolitan Sale Room" group gift  group fee 0 L$
Glasses: : SMC : @ Kiyomizu shopping mall (in-world)  Glasses Red  Lucky Letter Board  0 L$
Jacket: HOLLYHOOD (in-world)  Plush Sweater (Mesh) (available in 5 colors)  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Top: *COCO* Design (in-world)  Skinny Tie & White Shirt  store gift  0 L$
Jeans: ::Toxxic:: Pandora (in-world)  Emphatic Fades 2 Ripped Jeans (with appliers for Cute/Phat Azz)  160 L$
Heels: 9ty @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room (in-world)  Coffe! Pumps (slink avatar enhancement, mid feet)  50 L$
Pose: Label Motion (in-world)  Hunt Gift  Old Free Gifts/store gift  0 L$


Skin: MOJO (in-world)  Suzanne  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Shape: (Byte Sized Shapes) (in-world)  Chillee (slightly modded for Mesh standard sizing)  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Hair: [Due] (in-world)  Melody (with HUDs for all available colors!)  group gift  group fee 0 L$ (as far as I'm informed, free join is a limited time offer!)
Eyes: Avi-Glam (marketplace)  Stargaze black (Mesh)  0 L$
Eyelashes: Maitreya (in-world)  EyeLashes (Mesh)  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Nails: -{ZOZ}- @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room (in-world)  Floral Solids Polish (slink avatar enhancement)  "Cosmopolitan Sale Room"  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Hat + Glasses: Brii Underground (in-world)  Tiffany (part of a whole outfit!)  The Breakfast At Tiffany's Hunt (May 10th - May 31st, 2014)  0 L$
Bracelets: Pure Poison (in-world)  Screw HandCuffs silver (Mesh)  suscribo gift  0 L$
Bag: NS:: (in-world)  Happy Mother's Day (Mesh)  store gift  0 L$
Top: ::Toxxic:: Pandora (in-world)  Penelope Top Antique (Mesh)  100 L$
Capri: ::JK Style:: @ Feeb's Rascals St. Shopping District & Sales Room (in-world)  Keri (Mesh)  previous "Feeb's Rascals St." group gift  group fee 0 L$ (sorry, not available anymore but check out the new gifts!)
Heels: BabyDoll. (in-world)  Peeptoe Zebra (slink avatar enhancement, high feet)  Sexy And I Know It 2 Hunt (May 2nd - May 18th, 2014)  1 L$
Pose: Vestige Poses (in-world)  May Gift  "SL frees & offers"  group gift  group fee 0 L$

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