12 Sep 2014

81. Dressmania

As you might have realized already, there's a little advert on my page for the current "Patience" release event at 7 Deadly s{K}ins: the Golden Apple Game. If you haven't been there yet, take your chance now! You might be the lucky one who wins the lottery to pick out a skinbox, plus shape and all the make-up's. The winner will be drawn on Sep 13 during the big release party.
As a group member, you will be able to grab the current group gift, and the three previous ones. For this month, it means: group gift of June, July, August and September! And if you couldn't afford the fee of 200 L$ yet, here's an important hint for you: the group fee will be disabled for 13 hours on Sep 13!

IKON has just tossed out a new group gift. As always, these eyes are an eye-catcher! 
At La Boheme, a lot of hunts are still in full swing. All you slink polish addicts, go hunting before it is too late!
MOON is also very generous with their group gifts. A lot of hair styles with all textures/colors HUDs are included, and best of it: the group is free to join!
LushByCoco is a brand I have discovered just a few days ago. If you are suscribed, you can buy three cheapies at the desk for 5 L$ only. There's also a sale at the moment: 100 L$ for clothes, 150 L$ for slink heels. 

Let's go for the credits!

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ✼ Patience Caramel Plain (appliers available) ✼ Pre-Sale *new release* (full release Sep 13) ✼ price range: 550-2500 L$ tyvm!
Shape: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ✼ Patience (incl. regular & Tango Appliers compatible shape) ✼ Pre-Sale *new release* (full release Sep 13) ✼ 500 L$ tyvm!
Eyes: IKON ✼ Hope Denim ✼ group gift ✼ group fee 0 L$
Eyelashes: *BC* Designs @ marketplace ✼ Eyelashes ✼ 1 L$
Poses: *EverGlow* ✼ Subscriber Gift (incl. 20 female/male poses)0 L$

Hair: Exile @ Collabor88 (Sep 8 - Oct 6) ✼ Locomotion Naturals ✼ 188 L$
Nails: Nail Me!  Pixie Dust (slink polish)  75 L$
Jewelry Set: Tropical Creations @ marketplace  Dolphin  0 L$ 
Dress: M&M @ marketplace  Celeste  1 L$
Heels: ::Poised::  White Carnival (slink mid; incl. top & skirt)  "SL frees & offers" group gift
 group fee 0 L$

Hair: ~ Tableau Vivant ~ @ The Arcade Gacha Events (Sep 1 - 30) ✼ Writer Braid Naturals ✼ 50 L$ per play
Nails: La Boheme  Pomona Goddess (slink polish)  Mabon Harvest Hunt (Sep 1 - 21)  1 L$
Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey  Moon Crystals  group gift  group fee 350 L$
Clutch: IAF  Croc (with and without pose)  store gift  0 L$
Dress: ::Poised::  Silk Vintage Gown  group gift  group fee 0 L$
Heels: Mochi Styles  Cross Strap (slink high)  Midnight Mania board  group fee 0 L$

Hair: MOON ✼ Absence Of Fear (incl. all colors HUDs) ✼ group gift ✼ group fee 0 L$
Nails: [ MELONopolis ] @ marketplace  Elegant (slink polish)  0 L$
Glasses: [WaS-K] @ marketplace  Bluebird  0 L$
Jewelry Set: B!ASTA  En Route  Around The Grid Hunt (Jul 13 - Sep 30)  1 L$
Dress: LushByCoco  Riveted Asym  suscribo member's cheapie  5 L$
Heels: :SMC: @ Kiyomizu shopping mall  Open Side Pumps  0 L$

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