10 Oct 2014

101. Limited Time Offers/Gifts

Happy Halloween Hunt at 7 Deadly s{K}ins! See below both skins which can be found in the store. You have to look for little pumpkins hidden all over the store. Though these hunt prizes require a group tag, the group fee will be reduced 50% off during the hunt. So only 100 L$ group fee for now.

The jewelry set from N@N@ is for a very short time (now less than 24 hours) available for 10 L$, after that available for the regular prize of 350 L$.

MoiMoi has a special limited time group gift for the "SL frees & offers" members. It will be available until Oct 10 only!

Nail Me! is offering three 60 L$ specials, Witchy Glitz is one of them. While you're at the new mainstore location, don't forget to join the current free group, and find there 5 gifties (3 in mainstore, 1 in group notice, 1 for "SL frees & offers" group)!

SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ✼ Selesta (incl. Lola Tango appliers) ✼ Happy Halloween Hunt prize (group required) ✼ group fee 100 L$ tyvm!
HAIR: [Entwined] ✼ Elinna (incl. all colors HUDs) ✼ group gift ✼ free !
NAILS: Nail Me! ✼ Witchy Glitz (SLink polish) ✼ 60 L$ tyvm!
JEWELRY SET: N@N@ ✼ Adorable set ✼ group special (free to join) ✼ 10 L$ (regular prize: 350 L$)
OUTFIT: MoiMoi ✼ Autumn Calling (incl. sweater, jeans, boots, clutch, earrings, ring) ✼ "SL frees & offers" group gift ✼ free !

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