19 Oct 2014

116. Halloween @ OMG Room (Part I)

Halloween is a great time to find great costumes - not just for Halloween but also for a roleplay, or a theme party, or to scare your friends....

Let's have a look on the goodies at OMG Room with its current special round of, guess what, HALLOWEEN! For this reason, they put a lot of effort into their decoration and surprises. When I entered the gacha area, I was suddenly surrounded by bony undeads. So it's guaranteed that you will have fun while shopping.

Actually, I wanted to make one biiiiig post but since the label characters are capped (...great... :-( ), I decided to split it in four parts.

[PUMEC] has a few nice group gift skins - including appliers and different versions, like blonde/black/brown/red/no eyebrows, also cleavage and non-cleavage. If you're a blogger as well and still searching for a skin designer to blog for, you might be interested in applying there since they have an advert in their store that they search for bloggers.

Clemmm participates in the current TAG! GACHA: The Haunted Studio event, and that's how I found out about their four suscribo gifts. The eyes and horns are awesome for Halloween costumes! Don't forget to play the gacha machine!

Fill your wallets! KOSH has currently a 50%off sale in the whole store. And if you're looking for some other great stuff, visit kustom9 which has its 1st year anniversary with a lot and awesome offers!

SKIN & SHAPE: [PUMEC] ✼ Vampire (incl. appliers/cleavage & non-cleavage/brows & no-brows) ✼ group gift ✼ free !
HAIR: little bones ✼ Suffragette ✼ 250 L$
EYES: Clemmm ✼ Poltergeist ✼ suscribo gift ✼ free !
NAILS: Nail Me! @ Night Of The Living Cart Sale & Hunt (10/1 - 10/31) ✼ Witching Hour (SLink polish) ✼ 50 L$ tyvm!
HEADPIECE: *[MeshedUp]* ✼ Anubis ✼ 50 L$ (gacha common)
RING: KOSH ✼ Demonica ✼ 50%off store sale until 10/31 ✼ 50 L$
PET: ieQED @ kustom9 (10/15 - 11/9) ✼ rag.monster.turkey ✼ 50 L$ (gacha common)
OUTFIT: Dakota na Moda @ OMG ROOM (10/17 - 10/31) ✼ Winnie (incl. top, skirt, tights, boots and a little witch hat) ✼ 5 L$ tyvm!

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