28 Dec 2014


There are some pay-to-join groups which are absolutely worth every penny. Olive is one of them. Free for all are 6 gifts, and 6 more gifts are available for VIP group members. I am drowning in that glittermess *lol* I felt so in love with it that I had to make a post about two of the group gifts.

The christmas skin gift from Deetalez plus their charming animated glitter dollarbie were a great addition to a fantasy-inspired look. The eyes from IKON just work perfect with it. Hurry over to grab them, I guess this group gift won't be much longer available than until the end of December. Pumpkin has also a great store gift out. Evangelical made a great picture of all available gifts in the box, and she gave me permission to link her picture from flickr here on my blog. Thank you very much!

More Gifties!

SKIN: DeeTaleZ ✼ Megan [Ice Princess] (incl. shape & appliers for Nyam Nyam, Loud Mouth) ✼ christmas store gift ✼ free !
HAIR: .Olive. ✼ Anna (incl. crazy glitter color change HUD) ✼ the Merry Glittermas ✼ group gift ✼ group fee 250 L$
EYES: IKON ✼ Deadshine.Quicksilver ✼ group gift ✼ free !
MAKE UP (lips): NOX. ✼ Punching Lip (available in green & purple, incl. appliers for Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam, TMP) ✼ free ! @ Suicide Dollz (11/30 - 12/31)
PIERCING (forehead): [LF] LE FORME ✼ Misty Moon ✼ "We <3 RP" group gift ✼ free ! @ We <3 Role-Play!
GLITTER (face, chest, stomach): DeeTaleZ ✼ Animated Face & Body Glitter ✼ 1 L$
HAT: .Olive. ✼ the Unicorn Hoodie.Mohawk Madness ✼ the Merry Glittermas ✼ group gift ✼ group fee 250 L$
NECKLACE: Sweet Thing ✼ Moonstone Elegant Choker ✼ Song of Swans Gacha ✼ @ The Arcade Gacha (12/1 - 12/31)
GLOVES: CandyDoll ✼ Leather Bow (incl. 3 colors) ✼ group gift ✼ free !
BOLERO: r2 fashion ✼ A/D/E shu jacket
BODYSUIT: !HighRize! ✼ Francesca Jumper (8 colors available w/appliers) ✼ group gift ✼ free !
SHIRT: [Pumpkin] ✼ Ripped Top ✼ MC&HNY gift box ✼ free !
PANTS: [Pumpkin] ✼ Night Set ✼ MC&HNY gift box ✼ free !
HEELS: REIGN. ✼ Madeline (incl. 6 colors) ✼ group gift in notices (sent 12/26) ✼ group fee 250 L$

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