13 Jun 2015

263. Valyria Hunt (Jun 1 - 30)

This hunt is supposed to let you explore the Valyria sim and the four mainstores: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Etchaflesh, KlubWerk and Room 69. You can fetch one HUD per day at the starting point: 

Once you click the start point panel, you'll get the HUD you need to validate. Wear it, then hit "Instructions" to receive the notecard with all needed information. Make sure to read the instructions entirely!

Then start hunting for the "X"! You will find them inside and outside the four store locations. Also, the spots might change during the hunt to keep it more interesting for the next day. Once you found all the "X" and filled your HUD with the store "stamps", go back to the start point. Time for a prize! At the Prize Station, each validated HUD let you choose from 12 different gifts: 

Happy hunting! 

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