10 Jul 2015

275. Newness @ ApplyME!: Sarah Mesh Avatar by Altamura

A brand new event is on the grid: ApplyME! First off, here is the official press release for you which you can also find here

Be part of the biggest gathering of Mesh Body Compatible Creators in Second Life!

A exclusive monthly marketing venue for designers and creators with quality, diverse and premium design that promote the latest trends in SL fashion. APPLY ME aims to help promote designer’s latest design on appliers on the following system: Omega Appliers, Slink Physique Appliers, TheMeshProject Appliers, Belleza Bodies Applier, Maitreya Bodies Applier, Lelutka Head Applier, Eve Body, WOWMEH, SLINK, ALTAMURA and more.

APPLY ME is set set to take place every 10th until 20th of the month.

Click here for the SURL

Check out the 70 participating designers:
WoW Skins, Zibska, Altamura, EVE – Ginger Chevallier, Mundos, JUMO Fashion, LaVian&Co., SlackGirl, Petit Chat, Alaskametro<3, Sweet Evil, Ch’s, zOOm, Belle Cherie, Starbitch-Design, {POSH PIXELS}, Certifye, Kirei, Glitzz, L’Emacity, M&M Incorporated, The Whoreshop!, Cherished Creations, .: Tits Up! :., Uni-qu3, Scandal Fashions , KL Couture, TnO,, Pink Pearl Designs, BITTERSweet, Nailed It, Supernatural, .PoshTale., Testimony, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Xxxtasi, femme.couture, MEOWpolitan, Sweet E’s Designs, DivahZ Couture, Belles Parisiennes, Ever An’ Angel, ! Beautiful Dangerous !, Shady Ladies, SHEY, **ORCHIDEA**, SexicalMoi, UNiQ PhaZe, Liline’s fayrie, LOUX, October’s 4Seasons, Simply Me! – Fashion with Attitude, [[ Masoom ]], FLRN DESIGN, PixyStix, Tooty Fruity and Suki.

Media Contact:
Fuzz Lennie, fuzz@solarissl.com

SOLARIS… Where Fashion Revolves!

A Full Service Integrated marketing communications agency serving Second Life’s Fashion and Lifestyle Industries.

Our team has a proven track record of providing affordable integrated marketing services including public relations, social media and event production to Second Life’s Fashion Industry
We assist both emerging and established fashion, accessories, beauty and lifestyle brands their marketing needs. SOLARIS has its own model group of SL’s most experienced and talented models who assist in process of connecting fashion and entertainment with leading Second Life brands.
Some of the known and new events to be offered by SOLARIS include: Fashion Week, seasonal fashion presentations, Sneak Peek, a monthly currated fashion shopping experience, monthly Exclusive fashion salons and designer Exclusive runway shows.

Same Leadership, Same Team, Legendary Vision

For being able to apply those great fashion creations, you need a mesh head/body first. So what could be better in this case than to start with a review of a brand-new full mesh avatar? Here we go! 

Altamura presents Sarah Avatar AV2 and the Sarah makeup system in this first round in July at a ~20% off discounted special introductory price during the event. Make sure to always try a demo before any purchase to avoid any misunderstandings. 

The mesh avatar package comes with the mesh avatar itself (copy), a main HUD (copy), 3 footshapes (copy), a basic applier skin (copy), a shape (copy/modify), physics (copy) and instructions. 

The makeup system comes with the makeup face (copy), the makeup HUD (copy), instructions in various languages (english, french, spanish, italian, german, russian) and the following appliers (all copy): blush base basic, eyebrows basic, eyelashes A, eyelashes B, eyeshadows basic, hairbase basic, lips basic. 

The skin in the package is what its name says: a basic skin applier. But look what a difference a skin applier change makes. I have used JUMO's Shalom Skin for that which is also available at the ApplyME! event:

275. Newness @ ApplyME!: Sarah Mesh Avatar by Altamura

On the following picture, you can see a preview of the HUDs. 
On the left side is the makeup face HUD with the individual makeup appliers. You have quite some options to adjust your makeup to your personal taste by using the alpha option, or tinting with the chart of colors. If you are used to mesh heads, this system might be new to you. You don't apply the makeup on the head but on the makeup face which can be described as a sort of a mask. So you just change that 'mask' for another makeup but not the whole head -- or avatar, in this case.
On the right side is the same HUD twice because I wanted to show you the 'front' and 'back' option. You can choose between alpha-masking big areas (e.g. whole upper arm), or mid area (e.g. upper thigh part), or micro areas. The darker color parts (tummy, back, upper thighs) on the picture are the ones I have alpha-masked already so you can see how detailed you can use the alpha option for micro areas. You have even a zoom option for the tricky parts of the right and left shoulder, front and back neck, and the right and left side. 

275. Newness @ ApplyME!: Sarah Mesh Avatar by Altamura

As you can also see on the HUD preview, you have 3 hand positions, and 3 feet positions. Of course, I had to test immediately if these feet positions would also let me wear my SLink-compatible sandals and heels. And yes, they do! Here is the proof:

275. Newness @ ApplyME!: Sarah Mesh Avatar by Altamura
SHOES: REIGN. Athena Sandals. Cognac for SLink flat (left) / Majesty Heels. Purple for SLink mid (middle) / Couture Pumps. yellow for SLink high (right)

The Omega applier lovers amongst you might be a bit sad that this avatar does not work with it. If you want to apply clothes, you need to purchase the additional Lingerie universal HUD which is available in the mainstore. That applies also to the options of changing finger-/toenails: it does not work with another system, you will need to purchase an Altamura-compatible HUD. 

Here's a quick summary of costs:
Sarah Mesh Avatar AV2 1.990 L$ @ ApplyME! (regular price: 2.500 L$)
Sarah Makeup System     400 L$ @ ApplyME! (regular price: 600 L$)
AV2 Lingerie Universal HUD 1.200 L$ @ mainstore
Nails A fatpack HUD     399 L$ @ mainstore (currently on promotion price)

That would make a sum of almost 4.000 L$ which is a fair price compared to similar offers of other designers. 

And here I am with this new mesh avatar at the beach:

275. Newness @ ApplyME!: Sarah Mesh Avatar by Altamura

HEAD / BODY / SHAPE: Altamura Sarah Avatar AV2 @ ApplyME! *new* tyvm!
HEAD / BODY APPLIER: JUMO Shalom. Cocoa tone (appliers: Altamura, Belleza, Maitreya, SLink hands/feet, TMP) @ ApplyME! *new* tyvm!
HAIR: Besom Troubles
EYES: IKON Charm. Brown

ALL JEWELRY / SANDALS: Maxi Gossamer Jewellery LookBook. Summer Collection w/color change menus @ MIX
BIKINI: Sky Kini w/color change HUD free GG / fee: 250 L$

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