26 Jan 2015


Perhaps you had already an idea where I stranded. No, not in India. No zebras over there... In the meantime, I have contacted Matilda Soon, and hooray!, she loved my 'response'! She was already on her last day of her India trip and finished it with another great outfit. Read about it on Matilda's Blog.
The location where I took these pictures is The Beachstore by Team Jones.

Dear Matilda,
I was on the bazar today to find some great indian costumes! The buildings looked already so promising from far away, with all those onion roofs and the golden walls. But somehow, I didn't find any saree! Not even one! Am I too late for the fashion season? 
However, I found some other great clothes with an ethnic touch. Here's a polaroid of what became my shopping outfit today! And enjoy also some pictures from the bazar. 
Yours respectfully, Rubilyn

And what's interesting to know about the offers on the grid?

Lumae is having a sale: 75% off store-wide (except already discounted items). You need to wear the group tag to receive the discount. No worries, the group is free to join. And it gives you access to a lot of previous and current group gifts. I'm showing you one of it.

You should also really visit Addams: nice offers, and a few awesome group gifts!

It might be a bit silent for La Boheme in January but trust me: there's a lot to come very soon. Leto Gold is one of the recent releases from December. Come by to grab also the free Black or White Hunt prize!

Have you ever been to THE FREE DOVE? You will find many gifts from designers all over the grid who give away some of their creations for free. Not dollarbie, not group gift, just free! That set of Luminesse is one of the gifts, it comes with a necklace and matching earrings.

By the way: the **JPK in-world store is worth a visit! If you want to change the shopping section, you need to climb down ropes, or shift levers, and so on. It's not just shopping at **JPK. It's shopping like Indiana Jones!

Finally, the credits:

SKIN:  Lumae Alaska. Cocoa Tone. Mulled Wine (applier: TMP) "SL frees & offers" free GG / no fee
SHAPE: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Patience tyvm!
HAIR: pr!tty Ariana 
EYES: Mayfly Liquid Light Eyes. Stormy Teal free GG / no fee
EYELASHES: Mon Cheri Falsies 
EYELINER: Glam Affair Couture
NAILS: La Boheme Leto Gold (SLink polish) tyvm!

HAT: Les Petits Details Dida free GG / no fee
GLASSES: Addams Cat Glasses (incl. texture/color change HUD) free GG / no fee
BAG (shoulder): Noirilicious ToteBag Patchwork happy 1 L$ @ marketplace
BAG (forearm): Les Petits Details Summer Girl free GG / no fee
BRACELET: LB Jewels Unisex Red *store is currently only on marketplace available*

TOP: Emery Carol Salmon in Print Xmas Gift free GG / no fee
BELT: **JPK Native Pattern Leather Belt free @ marketplace
PANTS: Emery Lori Light Tan Xmas Gift free GG / no fee
HEELS: Livalle Elation. Halloween (SLink mid) "SL frees & offers" free GG / no fee

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